Rizzle (John Ryall) is a Bournemouth based producer with releases on labels such as Overview Music and Shogun Audio. Rizzle is on a mission, hellbent on supplying the vibes with a contrast of minimalism & weight. He is no stranger to either dark or soulful shades of Drum & Bass, always looking to surprise, and keep people on their toes with every release and set.

Steadily cutting his teeth with releases dating back to 2015, His mainstay label of Overview Music has seen the bulk of his goods, 5 artist EPs, since its inception. He later struck up connections with Metalheadz & Dispatch, the latter being where he released his 2021 album ‘Twilight Tones’.

With chart topping & streaming success in the forms of his ‘Azure’ and ‘Mirage’ releases, and with plenty of fresh tunes in the pipeline, the sky really is the limit for this musical craftsman.

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